Flick In A Limerick

A mother fights for the justice of her son
After his murder is unlawfully done
For this innocent teen
To be rightfully seen
Would truly mean freedom for everyone

Shot Caller – Chinonye Chukwu

Role Play (Danielle Deadwyler, Jalyn Hall, Frankie Faison, Haley Bennett, Whoopi Goldberg)

Nose Candy

“Chicago is the only place he needs to see right now. I don’t want him to be seen the way those people are seen down there.”

“Hate is like a virus in the blood of the Mississippi.”

“When the message to white people is stop negroes from voting or advancing. By any means short of violence. It’s only a matter of time before someone doesn’t start short of violence.”

“A mother knows. Your mother would know. And I know this is my boy.”

“He is in perfect shape to be seen. The whole world has to see what has happened to my son. They have to see it for themselves.”

“I’ve been sharing my story because I want those two men to pay for what they did.”

“What about the verdict?
I already know what the verdict is.”

“If this country fails to protect the black body from hate. America has yet to meet her promise. Either freedom for everyone or freedom fails.”

“The lynching of my son has shown me that what happens to one of us anywhere in the world. Better be the business of us all.”

Style Points

+Bedroom dance
+Whistle scene
+Barbershop mirror shot
+Jet photograph shot
+Candy store memorization
+Final Emmett Till flashback

Money Shot

Mamie Till-Bradley Testimony

The Big Finish

Even after 67 years the revolutionary impact of the death of Emmett Till still remains a relevant topic of discussion. Especially since those responsible for his death never faced any consequences as well as one of them still being alive to this day. It’s never to late to start demanding justice. Recently there was a cancellation of the annual Christmas Parade in Bowling Green, Kentucky as organizations were planning to protest justice for Emmett Till. This film is very emotionally impactful. Chukwu does an excellent job directing as I really liked her slow panning and creative camera shots that balances well with the overall dramatic tone of the movie. Danielle Deadwyler also delivers on a passionate Mamie Till-Bradley performance that should definitely earn her some award nominations. An aspect of Till that was really unsettling for me is when there is an injustice to our community, the first thing the media does is do whatever they can to discredit the victim or their loved ones as some sort of justification as to why they deserved their fate. There is a lot made in this piece about being “seen” as I truly believe the efforts of Mamie Till- Bradley helped provide her son the proper recognition his life deserves and definitely be proud of.


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