Flick In A Limerick

Nearly beaten to death for the way he behaved
A man goes on the run from being enslaved
Escaping captivity
And tumultuous activity
To reunite with his family after the wrath that he braved

Shot Caller – Antoine Fuqua

Role Play (Will Smith, Ben Foster ,Charmaine Bingwa)

Nose Candy

“I don’t know why God shows himself to some people and not to others but if you do not know him I will pray for you.”

“Give a nigger so much a crumb, then they’ll take over our country.”

“I am not a slave I am a man.”

“You are not my God.”

“If someone allows you to do something, then you’re not really free, are you?”

“We are going to make sure that everyone in the world knows what slavery really looks like.”

“They can break the bones in my body more times then I can count. But they can never break me.”

“We will not wait for freedom to be handed to us we will take freedom.”

Style Points

+Prayer into capturing sequence
+Camp Escape
+Dog attacks
+Underwater gator fight
+Arm sacrifice
+Beach kill

Money Shot


The Big Finish

Being from Louisiana I can attest to how backwards the place is. In the most recent election for the state, slavery was voted not to be abolished and is servitude as punishment for a crime. Some things will never change. After the smack heard around the world Will Smith started his come back tour a few months ago testing the waters of where his public perception is as he made the media rounds. Now he releases his first major film since the “incident.” Emancipation which is based on the true story of runaway slave named Gordon whose photograph of his whipped back helped open the eyes of the world to racism and slavery. Smith does excellent here and performance should garner him a lot of award nominations. I have to praise the stylistic cinematography as the monochrome and camera movement was refreshing to see for a slavery piece. Being that little is known about the life of the depicted, there is a lot of compromise to make the overall picture work as we will never know the actual fate of this brave man that sparked real conversation in this country. Freedom is never truly free as there is always a cost for equality. So if liberation is not given it must be taken.


Emancipation is streaming now on Apple TV.

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