Flick In A Limerick

A woman who is set up on a date
Quickly realizes she is only just bait
To survive the night
She must put up a fight
To not suffer an unfortunate fate

Shot Caller – Shana Festa

Role Play ( Ella Balinska, Pilou Asbæk, Dayo Okeniyi, Betsy Brandt, Ava Grey, Lamar Johnson)

Nose Candy

“You may have gotten away from this guy once but he will never give up never”

“Your blood has a powerful scent”

“So you still have your gun,
Of course I still have my gun I’m a black man in America”

“A demon is just a corrupted angel”

“Your blood is not your weakness it is your strength”

Style Points

+Roller skating rink
+Apartment shootout
+Club scene

Money Shot

Santa Monica Pier Ambush

The Big Finish

Run Sweetheart Run won’t blow you away with the writing or acting but I will say I found it entertaining and timely. Even though there are several aspects of this scenario that seem farfetched, the one believable yet unfortunate truth is society’s unwillingness to believe black women, especially in situations of crisis. This plot point may have been unintentional but there are numerous parallels here between black women who end up missing or even found dead after having dates with white men. The media attention and empathy for our sisters is utterly lacking which is a detail that can’t be escaped in this sleek bloodthirsty thriller.

-Caleb Harris

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