Flick In A Limerick

Siblings on a ranch struggle to keep their business respectable
Encounter a flying object that is unneglectable
Unable to let go
Of capturing this ufo
Becoming enamored by the spectacle

Shot Caller – Jordan Peele

Role Play ( Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea)

Nose Candy

“From the moment pictures could move, we had skin in the game”

“I guess some animals ain’t fit to be trained”

“It’s proof but it ain’t Oprah”

“You don’t look at it if you don’t want it’s attention”

” This dream your chasing, its one you’ll never wake up from.”

Style Points

+Inflatable tube men
+Plate 626 shoutout
+First flying saucer sighting
+Gordy terrorizing television set
+Master plan montage
+Getting caught by flying object

Money Shot

Wishing well shot

The Big Finish

Run OJ run! Peele reaches into hi sci fi bag with his latest effort NOPE, which as a spoiler stands for Not Of Planet Earth. This film really does a good job displaying how society at times can be so obsessive with something we are unable to keep our eyes off of it. Peele is always good at having signature symbolism and does a good job distinguishing this film with the horses and inflatable tube men. Also all of the intense moments are well executed. Daniel Kaluuya is good here as well as Keke Palmer who provided this film so much needed humor. While I enjoyed the scenes with the evil attraction park owner and the chimp, it took a detour from the direction of the story and didn’t fit together well for me. When we spend time consuming to much energy on the wrong thing, soon it will consume you.


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