1. The U.S. Postal Service is being sued for seizing thousands of Black Lives Matter masks
  2. Mellody Hobson set to become part owner of the Denver Broncos becoming the first black woman with an equity stake in an NFL team
  3. Angel Rich and Courtney Keen, HBCU alums and have partnered with Visa to launch the first Black woman-owned neo-bank offering intelligent bill pay for credit optimization.
  4. Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens tapped to lead new national task force
  5. 20 year old Chicago man Anthony Perry gifted a free car after saving man from deadly third rail.
  6. L.A. County returns beachfront land Bruce’s Beach snatched from a Black couple 100 years ago to their heirs
  7. A Burger King employee who hasn’t missed a shift in 27 years has received nearly $275,000 in donations from a GoFundMe campaign.
  8. Family of Daunte Wright a black man killed by a police officer in Minnesota receives a 3.2 million dollar settlement.
  9. Michigan police officer charged in the death of Patrick Lyoya has finally been terminated.
  10. Kentaji Brown Jackson officially the first Black woman Supreme Court Justice

-Caleb Harris

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