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Dear sisters,

I wish that I could give you the extra strength that you need
As much as it may seem that in life you succeed
Impossible to read how much you internally bleed
Even though on the surface it was all a front to mislead
With multiple factors to push you over the edge
Itโ€™s hopeful to think I could talk you off of the ledge
The hardest part is not knowing all the agony you are not showing
And all what you could have been had you kept going
Beautiful face had us fooled until the end
Until the point of no return and could no longer pretend
Looking back with regret about how we could have done a lot more
You hit rock bottom way before you were on the top floor
We should have done more to keep you protected
Instead of pushing aside your emotions that left you neglected
Let you know how much you are love and respected
And take into account how much interactions leaves you affected
Precautionary measures to prevent you from making the leap
Means nothing when the everyday pain you carry is to deep
The tragedy of another lost soul makes me lose sleep
No one can begin to empathize the heartache that you keep
As a society we have to do better at paying attention
Instead of ignoring warning signs that could lead to prevention
Check on your friends that are “strong”
Because they are the ones that prove you wrong
Every disturbing media post that posts a threat
Of making a decision that will leave most upset
Trying to find the ammunition in your battle to have helped you fought the urge
In attempts to take away the burden whenever suicidal thoughts emerge
Dealing with more discrimination then other ethnic groups and peers
Generational trauma and being marginalized through out the years
Even though continuing on in life may seem too hard
As it has left you physically mentally and emotionally scared
To all my sisters who are feeling dead already while you are still alive
You are enough, I hope that you find peace and that you will survive.