Politics in the court of public opinion is a battle ground
Minds are made up before they let the gavel sound
This goes beyond more then what is left or right leaning
Immature actions this demeaning needs intervening
Bias senators use the platform as an opportunity to scrutinize
Downplaying every accomplishment in attempts to dehumanize
Terrible direction the way the conversation was steering
An attack on a black woman instead of a confirmation hearing
You shouldn’t have to apologize for being overqualified
And under appreciated and forced to swallow pride
Past recognition they chose to overlook
Casting judgement with all intentions to throw the book
Taking constant and heavy abuse from birth
Every day is a constant struggle to prove your worth
Instead of meaningful questions about how to rule
There are hypothetical scenarios about what should be taught in school
No kids aren’t born racist, hatred is learned
Unfortunately being black is a sentence that can’t be overturned
In tough situations why are you the one that is supposed to be bigger?
Mistreatment of our sisters is an emotional trigger
Blame should be emphasized on the process of selection
People need to be held accountable when it comes to black women protection
The highest court in the land is now a spectacle
Behavior anywhere else would be deemed unacceptable
With a multitude of accolades and no way to be ineligible
Everything said is held against you to make it seem you are not credible
Breaking down barriers your courage is respectable
Deserving of this honor now nothing can knock you off the pedestal