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Opportunity to strike comes once in a blue moon
Raging violence they say fools Russian too soon
Using de-Nazification is a false accusation
To somehow give this unwarranted invasion, justification
It doesn’t matter how many innocent people are lost
Because he is hell bent on causing a nuclear holocaust
Drunk with power sipping his own beverage
Even if it means human casualty, won’t give up any leverage
Spreading hatred down to an insane regime
In order for his country to reign supreme
Unwanted intruders seeking occupation
Killing own neighbors for world domination
A bad example you lead, taking more then what you need
If you are the same people then why do you want to see some of them bleed?
An unprovoked air strike, unwilling to spare life
Sneak attacking the meek shameful to not put up a fair fight
Will stop at nothing to capture land as his own soil
Blood begins to boil, whenever his evil plans foil
Censoring opinions of media attempting to spoil
If his citizens speak out they are punished for being un loyal
We argue whether or not to get involved in their turmoil
Gas soaring from not financing their war by purchasing oil
Threatening weapons of mass destruction, before even a discussion
Selfishly all that you represent have to weep the repercussion
Innocent forced to suffer from retaliations
Assets being seized to economy sanctions
Some forced to seek refuge In adjacent nations
Others take cover in shelters and subway stations
Waking up to explosions from artillery tanks
Leaving behind loved ones for military ranks
As conflict escalates no sign of surrender
Every resident has turned into a public defender
Unwilling to concede to a dictators demands
With homemade weapons matters taken in their own hands
Before a white flag is raised or any peace talk
It will take an army lining every body in street chalk
Ordered soldiers not ready for resistance
Willpower on display of a proud publics persistence
Territory is marked as home of the brave
Displaying strength of citizens refusal to cave
With everything to lose and nothing to gain
The pain of the Ukraine will not go in vein

-Caleb Harris