Flick In A Limerick

A tech worker who lives a life of social distance
Has evidence of a crime but is met with resistance
To seek justice on her own
She must leave a comfort zone
Facing the fear of coexistence

Shot Caller – Steven Soderbergh

Role Play (Zoé Kravitz, Erika Christensen, Rita Wilson, Devin Ratray, Jaime Camil, Byron Bowers)

Style Points
+Ominous music
+Text on screen
+Use of digital devices
+Camera tracking
+Binocular shot
+Trunk scene
+Home alone homage

Money Shot

Office Chase

The Big Finish

Not the look you want when you are attempting to avoid being captured. Zoe Kravitz is phenomenal here and gives a very game performance. Some people are just born with all the talent. Soderberghs direction takes a simplistic plot to heights this film has no business of reaching. Capturing the current mood of Covid are well placed and engaging camera shots. Not to mention there is expert levels of sound editing that give this movie another needed audio assist. There is not much dialogue in Kimi but when there is, it is very dreadful. If not for this effort being centered around a voice assistant, I do think it may have worked better as a silent film. Outside of Kravitz as Angela the characters are way too silly to be taken seriously. I wish this film would have tried harder in certain situations and develop the backstory more especially with such an important underlying topic. Always do right and live life like someone is watching because in the “new normal” age of technology let’s face it, someone always is.

-Caleb Harris

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