Flick In A Limerick

Two brothers doomed from the start
Struggle to do what is true to their heart
Each going down a separate path
Experience an unfortunate wrath
As fate tries to pull them apart

Shot Caller – Nerina De Jager

Role Play (Lemogang Tsipa, Thabo Rametsi and Israel Matseke-Zulu)

Nose Candy

“Your power has nothing to do with your fists. It is about what is inside of you”

“Will your daughter know who her father is? You carry a knife now? Who are you now?”

“It’s your turn to kill finish it”

Style Points

+”Take back what was taken from you” speech
+Baby escape
+Deathbed confession

Money Shot

Nightclub standoff

The Big Finish

Blood is the bond that can’t be broken. De Jager, a white woman from South Africa did not hold back as she wrote, produced and edited this picture. The project definitely must have meant a lot to her as she did a great job bringing her vision to life. The film was shot well, and flashbacks are used timely to further the plot. The family aspect is admirable as the relationship between the two brothers never wavered, even with being on different ends of the law. This film also did a good job of providing a lens to the impoverished in South Africa and how the community is forced to do anything just to survive. I really wish I could understand Zulu because the auto synch from different languages is always distracting for me. I also think it could have helped me to interpret better Nerina De Jager’s take on black culture. Sometimes fate is inevitable no matter how hard you try to change your environment, you’re destined to become a victim of surroundings.

Caleb Harris

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