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If you are surprised, then you must have not been awake
An abundance of evidence this was no mistake
We know exactly what you mean, to you we are not seen
You’re on one side or the other there is no in between
It’s time to contemplate now that you met your own fate
Finally, a minority you have become what you hate
Even if you were born here if you have different skin
The racial undertone is that you are not viewed a citizen
Oblivious to the horrific messages you send
When systemic racist policies are chosen not to amend
Because of your efforts there has been no new progress
We are still not free and lack due process
Your actions align with you have always thought
Always showed us who you are and who we are not
Bald eagles and flags replaced treating people equally
Everyday harassment instead of handling grievances peacefully
America does not forget and does not forgive
We just stay here while others get to live
Congress destroying voting right legislation
Not far off from poll taxes and tests for registration
Unprobeable now to claim character defamation
With a record of being against paying a slavery reparation
Tell us how you really feel with acts of desperation
Our lives don’t count as if we belong to a separate nation
The pursuit of happiness is a pipe dream so why chase it?
We have never been real Americans let’s just face it

-Caleb Harris