Flick In A Limerick

After the collapse of an economy the world declares martial law
A family seeks shelter from a neighbor with a major flaw
Struggling with coexistence
And no help in immediate distance
Danger arises that no one foresaw

Shot Caller – Ali LeRoi

Role Play (Derek Luke, Erika Alexander, Charity Jordan, Sam Trammel, Jessi Case)

Nose Candy

“Do me a favor when you talk about me talk to me”

“Amen to that”

“Your either an asset or a liability and I don’t have time to gues”

“Kill a man once it scares you
Kill another man it thrills you
After that it numbs you I guess it’s like delivering a baby after a while it just gets old”

“There’s no such thing as new normal anybody who believes in that got fooled”

“We have a choice to run to hide or to fight”

Style Points

+Chickens reference
+Shootout scene
+Dinner table scene
+Target practice

Money Shot

Family back ambush

The Big Finish

How well do you know your neighbors? It’s crazy how in this uncertain era how I for one can attest to meeting people for the first time that I have lived next to for years just from being home so often because of the pandemic. This film really hits on beats that are current such as the panic of people buying as much as possible and the increase in crime rate. Also families staying on lockdown and what life is like always staying in the house. The movie itself does come off like a wannabe Purge at times but I think has enough of its own storyline mixed in to where it has the power to stand alone. Although an interesting concept the acting is very uninspired as well as it has unrealistic scenarios that no person would actually do in the situation. It also takes predictable and unnecessary plot turns that took me out of it. As much as we may want to shut the world out, sooner or later we must come to the realization that we have to rely on someone else in order to survive.

-Caleb Harris

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