Flick In A Limerick

A journalist and a veteran instantly connect
Neglect becomes a factor with a country to protect
With a household in need
Words are written to a seed
As a soldier must earn his families respect

Shot Caller – Denzel Washington

Role Play Michael B. Jordan, Chanté Adams

Nose Candy

“You don’t love me. You love your men. I’m just better looking.”

“You can’t do this to me. We need you as much as they do.”

“He never asked his soldiers to do anything he wouldn’t do. Wherever they went he went. That’s the kind of man he was.”

“Just take one look at your mother, that will tell you what I think beautiful is.”

“Love is the one thing in this world worth fighting for. So I guess that makes all of you my family.”

“Even pain is better then feeling nothing. Because without pain there would be no joy.”

Style Points

+Back and forth storytelling
+First kiss
+Soldier drill scene
+Birth scene
+Park Proposal
+Monument montage

Money Shot

War scene

The Big Finish

With the amount of negative stereotypes regarding black men and relationships, it is so refreshing to witness a positive example and true story come to life on the big screen. Charles King seemed like a proud man that had true love for his woman, son and country. Dana Canedy also shows true heroism not just with her memoir but also fighting herself such as losing the love her life an being a single mother. Also facing the hardships of being a black woman working at the P.W.I New York Times. Michael B. Jordan and Chanté Adams both delivered great performances. Denzel is really good with his camera movement and I also noticed he used a few tricks from his long time collaborator Spike Lee. I know we are in a don’t come for Denzel era but if I had one criticism with the film was the timeline. I think the child son should have been introduced earlier and have his school issues be the catalyst for him receiving his fathers words. By the time we are introduced to the premise for me it was in the third act and the child aged television sitcom fast. Heroes can be everyday citizens all it takes is the courage to fight and protect what you hold sacred.

-Caleb Harris

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