Flick In A Limerick

A mixed martial artist whose career looks to be done
Receives motivation after meeting her son
Struggling to provide
She can no longer hide
As the fight of her life has just begun

Shot Caller – Halle Berry

Role Play (Halle Berry, Shamier Anderson, Adan Canton, Sheila Atim, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Valentina Shevchenko)

Nose Candy

“Fuck your phone!”

“She’s old”
“She still got something”
“Well let her join the milf league”

“I’m big and your little
And big always protects little
I’m going to take care of you”

“You deserve that you deserve every good thing in this world”

“I gotta wear this shit
It’s a hat wear the fucking hat”

“Thank You Big”

Style Points

+Underground Headbutt
+Tilted camera angles
+Diner shot
+fighter flashbacks
+piano/fight scene
+training montage
+bathroom anxiety attack
+Jackie + Bobbi love scene

Money Shot

Justice and Lady Killer fight

The Big Finish

Even with a swelled up face Halle Berry is a timeless beauty. Berry really knows her way around a camera and did great in her directorial debut. For her age, hell for anyone she is in tremendous shape. Kudos to her for taking on such a challenging project. The problem in this movie was the script which is all over the place as well as the characters. Berry had moments here where she went from Monsters Ball all the way to B.A.P.S. Those types of vibes should never be displayed in the same film. As much as I enjoyed the uncommonness of there being a female trainer, the lesbian relationship seemed forced and took me out of it. It was also never explained why Justice just abandoned her son in the first place or why she got a world title shot after taking so long away from the sport. It is important to fight for the ones you love even if it is at the risk of losing everything the battle scars will make you stronger.

Caleb Harris

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