“Don’t count the days; make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali

  1. A multi million dollar beach property was returned to its African-American rightful heirs in Manhattan Beach, California.
  1. Netflix and Howard University announce a 5.4 million dollar Chadwick Boseman scholarship.
  2. Maya Angelou will become the first African American woman to be featured on US Currency.
  3. Latasha Clemons the first African American female firefighter in the city of Boynton Beach, sued the Florida town for misrepresenting her as white woman on a local mural.
  4. Tesla reaches A $137 million settlement with former employee Owen Diaz in a racial discrimination case.
  5. Al Copeland receives a 1.3 million dollar settlement from Boston when he had a stroke but was somehow arrested and denied care.
  6. Students of Howard University gained national attention for protesting the schools poor living conditions.
  7. 6 year old Kendall Rae Johnson became Georgia’s youngest certified farmer. She has her own business called aGROWKulture.
  8. Star tennis player Serena Williams and actor Michael B. Jordan partner together to provide a 1 million award to HBCU entrepreneurs.
  9. New Orleans shoeshiner Kermit Warren was granted his $30,000 dollars back after it was seized by DEA agents at an airport.

-Caleb Harris.