Flick In A Limerick

A women in mourning struggling with commitment
Goes on a road trip with a mailman delivering a shipment
Traveling this range
Feelings start to change
Overcoming grief through poetry and music equipment

Shot Caller – John Singleton

Role Play (Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Tyra Ferrell, Regina King, Joe Torry, Maya Angelou)

Nose Candy

“Why you cleaning up now? this house is always fucked up.”

“A man ain’t nothing but a tool you got to know when to take them out the box and when to put him back in. There’s another man out there.”

“The world is just a big place to have fun and fuck up in it.”

“I’m a black woman i am not a bitch. If I’m a bitch your mom is a bitch.”

“We are black we all family. Especially when it comes for barbecue.”

“You don’t fight a man with your fist you fight a man with your wallet”

“Family has got to stick together no matter what.”

“Give it the equipment to me. I know what to do with it I would have done what he wanted me to do with it. Music!”

Style Points

+Maya Angelou poetry
+Drive in Establishing shot
+Apartment fight
+Drunk Justice Iesha talk
+Characters thinking in the beach
+Chicago gets left

Money Shot

Cousin Cookout

The Big Finish

Rhyme and reason. The brilliance of John Singleton can not be overstated in his second major feature effort. He was such a visionary in being able to creatively capture and tell inner city Los Angeles stories. It is rare to see two African American superstars stars in the prime of their music careers come together to make an excellent film. Janet Jackson is breathtaking beautiful but really showcases her acting ability by being able to cuss someone out like a sailor in one moment then be extremely vulnerable in her scenes with Regina King the next. There has always been this underlying belief that there were in fact two Tupacs. One was the hardcore rap gangster while the other was more of the compassion gentlemen. Tupac definitely shows his range displaying his more sensitive side as he was only beginning to the scratch the surface of his full potential. I also want to take a moment to marvel over the mastery of Maya Angelou. The legendary poet has several of her pieces spoken in this film some including Alone and Phenomenal Woman. She even makes a cameo in the movie herself. It is projects like this I feel do a great job of honoring the past while introducing a new generation to iconic work. What starts as a ratchet road trip, turns into a legendary lyric of learning to let go and love again after loss.

-Caleb Harris

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