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With mechanical progress we got so far behind
Never mind, what is the latest on occasion its good to rewind
Relearning to be vulnerable with advancements in technology
Back to the basics studying the make up of biology
Alleviate every casualty
Out of touch with reality
To your lock I have the key
Where the WIFI doesn’t work is where I would rather be
Penetration beyond the grasp of human reach
Hacking consciousness to give your soul a security breach
When it is just us the world is at our fingertips
Electronics don’t do justice I can’t come to grips
Digital culture doesn’t comprehend analog affection
Behind that imaginary shell of deception, is a deeper connection
Going against our own nature too dependent on devices
My vice is, experiencing what only your energy entices
When your body is calling I don’t want a machine to intervene
All I need is undivided attention without a screen in between