Flick In A Limerick

A successful speakeasy in the days of prohibition
Is the direct target of stiff competition
With devious plots
Corruption and gunshots
Staying in business is a dangerous mission

Shot Caller – Eddie Murphy

Role Play (Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Della Reese, Danny Aielo, Jasmine Guy, Arsenio Hall)

Nose Candy

“You ain’t shooting shot now shoot the dice you slaggy motherfucker”

“Damn I guess that man does have bad luck with kids!”

“I would tell you to kiss my ass but you couldn’t find it blind motherfucker”

“It’s not how many people you shoot its who you shoot”

“How was your date?
I killed her.
You tore the pussy up!”

“If you threw it in the air it would turn into sunshine”

“I got a tank full of gas and a car full of money. That’s a good combination!”

Style Points
+Roaring 20’s
+Young Quick gambling scene
+Midnight shootout
+Bailout scene
+Boxing Match
+Bank Cellar
+Hideout Explosion

Money Shot

Vera and Quick alley fight.

The Big Finish

Not getting Foxx, Pryor and Murphy on the big screen in some capacity would have been a tragedy. All three together click and are laugh out loud funny. True legends in the game of comedy. For me what was so encouraging about this film was seeing black people in such rich high positions especially for the time period. This movie received generally negative reviews by critics but prospered because of the hilarity and talent amongst the cast. Harlem Nights was Eddie Murphy’s only directing effort and it was meant to be completely ridiculous that is why it works. Such as the unrealistic shootouts, over the top Arsenio Hall theatrics and how simple it was for black people to get a cab. Murphy is so charismatic in this piece and does wonders with his shit talking adlibs. Della Reese provides such a component of professionalism but still shows that she could throw punchlines with industry heavy weights. To this day you still can’t trust anybody and humor is definitely taken to new heights in this Harlem renaissance reimagined.

-Caleb Harris

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