The complexity of my complexion
Is that it offers no kind of protection
My natural selection comes with oppression
Not meant to be exploited for expression
Attempting to perfect those imperfections
Disrespecting with lip injections
& Butt implants so hips switch directions
Unable to compete the only way you can win
Is with enhanced physical features and overly tan skin
Centuries of negative stereotypes that you can trace back
Of impersonations of performers who would paint their face black
Chucking and jiving for a reaction at the minstrel show
Eating off the table we set when our struggle you can’t begin to know
It can’t be overstated
That behavior is racially motivated
Our style is appropriated
By those loosely associated
When it comes to our trends there is an abundance of participation
Capitalizing of our looks without having to experience the discrimination
Seen as disgraces
The punching bag to other races
But Influencers use our faces
To get them to higher places
There is not all love to claim lack of knowledge
When demeaning images are resurfaced from yearbooks back in college
It can’t be defended
The countless you offended
With hatred intended
From parties that were attended
While we’re at it let’s condemn to damnation
The first couple who thought it was a good idea to get married on a plantation
From 40 acres and a mule there’s a lot to retain
So we can’t afford to let another profit off our pain
Without excuses or apology, misery is made a mockery
To opportunist our culture is only seen as a commodity
A noose around the neck is not a fashion statement
It is not entertainment to mock our enslavement
Only want our faces unless it’s pounded in the pavement
Being complacent is on the wrong side of history adjacent
Dancing to our rhythms without singing our blues
Follow in our steps but couldn’t begin to walk in the shoes
Language and mannerisms continue to use
Wouldn’t trade places if had the ability to choose
Cashing in on our endeavors without paying the dues
Couldn’t be bothered with what is seen on the news
So even when we win we unfortunately lose
Far from woke instead hit the snooze