Here are some cool things that caught my eye from the black community in September 2021.

“To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time. – James Baldwin.”

  1. Yusef Salem of the exonerated five is running for Harlem state senate.
  2. The state of Georgia declared September 9, Otis Redding Day on the singers 80th birthday.
  3. Maia Chaka became first African American woman to referee an NFL game. The NFL will also be playing the black national anthem before every contest.
  4. Jaleel Stallings was acquitted of all charges after shooting at police officers in self defense at a protest for George Floyd.
  5. Two HBCU student athletes class action lawsuit against the NCAA citing racial discrimination was allowed to move forward.
  6. Rickia Young won a two million dollar settlement from the city of Philadelphia after she was beaten by police officers in front of her child while she was attempting to drive around a protest.
  7. A Colorado grand jury indicts police officers and paramedics in 2019 death of 23 year old black man Elijah McClain.
  8. Minnesota became the first state to launch a special victims unit for missing and killed black women on September 20th.
  9. HBCU scholar Mikayla Harris of earned a 15,000 Astronaut Scholarship
  10. Ex Louisiana state trooper Joseph Brown was found guilty for beating a black man named Aaron Bowman with a flashlight.

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