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For those that have already made their mind up or undecided
There is not enough information provided resulting in a nation divided
In act of desperation of the public’s persistence
To not wear a mask and execute social distance
Dispute over cooperation with the higher power
Friends turn foe, relationships sour
A concerned society is left with apprehension
Reducing the spread rises the tension
By skeptics who refuse and platforms they abuse
Now we all have to lose the ability to choose
Preying off of anxiety is an aggressive authority
Sacrificing some to protect the majority
Even with the injection
It does not always stop infection
So there is rightful objection
By bodies seeking protection
Stress to get the shot amongst the community
While others suffered the fate developed an immunity
Since the disease has left so many annihilated
Any attempts at recovery is our rights being violated
The color of covid has always had a green iris
But not as much as the government attempting to capitalize off a virus
This mandate could be an under the table handshake
Or a stall in order for the administration to get their facts straight
Never can we get along and let nature take its course
Further apart then we started is this polarizing force


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