Flick In A Limerick

An artist that falls no matter how much he climbs
Is inspired from new surroundings and an old set of crimes
In the mirror if with a look
Dawns a killer with a hook
After saying his name five times

Shot Caller – Nia Dacosta

Role Play – (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Colman Domingo)

Nose Candy

“White people invented the ghetto then erased it once they realized they invented the ghetto.”

“He was hiding in the walls. That’s when I saw the true face of fear.”

“They love what we make but not us”

“Say his name five times in the mirror if you dare!”

“Candy man will live forever.”

Style Points

+70s flashback
+Puppet show storytelling
+Chicago imagery
+Afterparty clean up
+Bathroom Scene
+I think he is dead now

Money Shot

Tell Everyone!

The Big Finish

I certainly don’t have the guts to say the name in a mirror five times after witnessing. I never seen the original Candyman as of writing but the use of shadow puppets was an excellent way of getting new viewers acclimated with the original picture. There is an expert use of cinematography and masterful attention to detail from nice rack focuses, zooms and angles. I loved that this picture walked the line very well. It wasn’t torture porn with senseless killings always but still did a good job of setting up solid characters one could root for. I am not familiar with Nia Dacosta’s work outside of this. She will become the first African-American female with a number one movie at box office which is a huge accomplishment. Jordan Peele is the producer but I couldn’t help but think as I was watching this how much this seemed like him directing. From the pacing to the shots and the use of bee’s. This had Peele’s name written all over it. I wonder how much control Dacosta had over the film. This remix also did a strong job of mixing scary hours with social justice. If “Get Out” is stressing the horror or racism Candyman is the horrors of policing. The ending is exhilarating as well as chilling. Candyman (2021) is an urban legend that is revolutionary that needed to be revived.


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