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If I could talk game, to pick apart your brain
Attracted as a moth to a flame, easy to approach hard to attain

All you have to do is tell me your every future plan and ambition
You don’t have to at me or mention, or take a screenshot to capture my attention

I’ve seen women from all over and had encounters with the prettiest types
But I love a lady that’s thirsty for knowledge not just thirsty for likes

We can sip champagne or whatever your fashion
But I’d much rather get drunk off intimacy and passion

Your beauty leaves me lost, but your physical is not where your features stop
Conversation is so wet I wanna get deeper in your thoughts

I hang off your every word until I’m hungover and don’t wanna become sober
Because after every encounter we are much closer

Your so exquisite, and I don’t know my limits
Like wine tasting, my mind racing whenever I pay your soul a visit

It seems your only comfortable revealing the aspects you wanna show
I want to get acquainted with the parts that the world doesn’t know

It’s one thing to get a mans attention it’s another thing to keep it
If your trust me with a secret, I promise that I would never leak it

You could be a piece of work because your hard headed and have a smart mouth
Instead of bottling your emotions your unafraid to pour your heart out

Its said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste
Once the ice is broken it is revealed you are an acquired taste

Your lips are cursed, tempting me when I take a few sips at first
Now no matter how much I consume its not enough to quench my thirst