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This nation has always been overly demanding
We blow the competition away sitting in a lead thats commanding
Can nail a triple jump and get mad how you stick the landing
Or not let you use your platform if it is bad for the branding
Its true, that you can bleed red white and blue
And have to obey rules for a country that did nothing for you
Forced to go the extra mile, at a championship trial
All for some biased judges not to accept your style
Life for us was way harder than an olympic qualifier
The higher that we jump the bar gets moved higher
Doing the impossible
Overcoming every obstacle
Even if psychological
Have to be unstoppable
Not given a head start when its time to swim laps
But see it as an unfair advantage with specific swim caps
Under scrutiny and pressure to keep composure together
Without empathy when it comes to certain hair texture
A specific race, has been left behind in this race
Then looked at as a disgrace, if at an event you don’t place
If your skin is a bit tanner, you have to behave in a certain manner
And not make a statement during the star spangled spangled banner
We place performers on a pedestal, need them to be intellectual
So looking out for mental health is deemed as being unprofessional
Taking care of self is labeled as rebel
In hindsight keeping mind right is not worth a medal
Finding focus when close to going off the ledge
Is mental preparation for a competitive edge
To not be looked at as humans is too inhumane
When the baton is passed just push through the pain
A moral victory that is something bigger than sport
Is rewriting the record books offering support
Its perfectly ok, to not be ok
Just live to fight another day when ready to play
Maybe for once the game will be contested fair
Instead of continuously reaching for something that isn’t there