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And there she was after all this time had passed by
Unable to shift the focus we caught each others eye

With a bold poker face at the table that was unwilling to fold
The story was told, with an expression that was menacingly cold

Even if at a glance, Instead of keeping my stance
I needed to make the most out of this second chance

It all happened so fast for one of us to react in fact
We must be alike because opposites would attract

Random is running into you this time and this place
Are these thoughts I cant erase
Maybe she wanted me to chase
But not leaving behind a trace

Perhaps it was the unexpected shock of not knowing what to do
In the moment everyone else was invisible it was just us two

Not wanting to bring up the past I swallow my pride and hide
Everything I always wanted to let out inside

I mean what could I say? So close yet so far away
And like nothing happened we chose to go on with our day

At the point of no return nostalgia persists
Refusing to acknowledge that the other exists

At the sake of having a chink in the armor or a knock in the shield
Neither one of us could lose an advantage on the battle field

Incredible how stubbornness would not allow one to break first
Now all I can do is wonder but not knowing is the worst