Flick In A Limerick

In order to get back his abducted son
A father that doesn’t know the meaning of fun
Must battle some goons
With a squad full of toons
In a basketball game that has to be won

Shot Caller – Malcom D. Lee

Role Play (LeBron James, Don Cheadle, Khris Davis, Sonequa Martin-Green, Cedric Joe)

Nose Candy

“Algorithmically speaking he is more than just an athlete. He is a king!”

“If your passionate about something you should learn to preserve for it”

“You just couldn’t keep your big feet shut”

“Taking care of the people that you love is fundamental”

Style Points

+Warner 3000 graphics
+Abduction Reject
+Getting players from other films montage
+Putting buts in the seats characters
+Dame Unlock
+Halftime Speech

Money Shot

Final Basket

The Big Finish

I was definitely skeptical about one of my favorite childhood films being recreated. Maybe it is my Laker bias but this film definitely overachieved in my estimation. Lebron James is very charismatic as we have seen before from him on the big screen. Don Cheadle added a level of professional stability even though he is completely overacting at times. Insane visuals really provided a bright assist to a very predictable plot. WB owns an abundant of iconic properties as they are boasted throughout the picture very Ready Player One like. All of the humor really connected as the Loony Tune characters dunked on the alley oops lobbed to them. Be yourself may sound like a cliché moral to any story but I do find it kind of funny that this is preached so much by one Lebron James. I mean he did take his idol Michael Jordans number 23 and famous movie in tribute. We all know that one person with daddy issues so parents should do a good job of letting their kids follow their dreams or they will end up a washed up super villain.

– CH

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