Photo by James Eades on Unsplash

There is no debate when it comes to these symbols of hate
Remembrance of ancestors who suffered an unfortunate fate
If it don’t involve a noose they don’t want us hanging in town square
Falling on deaf ears our opinions on what images goes up or down there
Emotional attachments to false narratives of the civil war
Is supporting the values of white supremacy they are standing for
Pillars of pain planted in oppression or a confession
Of those who turned their back on a nation for succession
Southern pride is prejudice philosophy
Fighting what they can do over stolen geography
Unwilling to practice equality many settled into a colony
Ironically not much has changed, will still side with blatant racism for an economy
Placing property on a pedestal proves will always be secondary people
By relentlessly clutching on to this unnecessary evil
A nation that never repented from original sin
That being born black is evidence of criminal skin
Statues have long reached there statue of limitation
There should be no award of participation for celebrating discrimination
In order for this country to restore honor
We must remove any shrine related to a confederate fore father
Course correcting is not erasing the past
It is building a future that is created to last
Refusing acknowledgements of African American accomplishments
While defending outdated documents and racist monuments
Labeled as crooks, for attempting to modify history books
Because they can’t rationalize how erratic honoring a false idol looks
When curriculums opt out, It is no wonder we drop out
Not teaching black history even if for a month is a cop out
So many divided opinions on critical race
From those who do not share the same physical space
We should not honor the treasonous that were defeated
Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it
Liberals and conservatives can not come to an agreement
If the underlying issue is rooted in my people’s mistreatment

-Caleb Harris