justice league

Flick In A Limerick

Bruce Wayne recruits other heroes with the intent
To stop evil forces and revive a fallen Clark Kent
A villain that is unorthodox
Gains power from a mother box
In an attempt to bring the world to descent

Shot Caller – Zack Snyder

Role Play – (Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Jason Mamoa, Ezra Miller)

Nose Candy

“You can be anything you want to be”

“Men won’t know what it means
Men won’t….she will”

“You know a lot about monsters don’t you. Especially how to make them”

“Your looking at the hottest thing on this earth that’s what I said to my prom date. She dumped me anyways”

“There is six not five there is no us without him”

“Make your own future make your own past. It’s alright now”

“I’m not broken and I’m not alone”

“How many dead eyes can you look into before you die yourself”

“Make no mistake, I will fucking kill you. I will do it slow”

Style Points

+Steppenwolf’s hostage terror attack
+Themyscira motherbox battle
+flashback origin stories
+car accident save
+football scene
+warehouse battle
+Superman resurrection
+Joker cameo

Money Shot

Justice League Steppenwolf battle

The Big Finish

Four hours well spent. While very long, the much anticipated Jack Snyder version is very eye popping and engaging. I would advise watching it in sections but I must admit there are so many parts that draw you in as a viewer it is easy to watch all in one sitting. Breaking the movie down into six parts really gave each character their own background story they deserved. The heroes who all had their individual movies never looked better here. Even though there are some unnecessary scenes I didn’t mind all of the fan service as most. This is way better then the 2017 version although it was not that difficult of a feat to obtain. Like a GED this movie was able to cheat some and had time to go back to correct four years of mistakes in four hours. Sometimes we are able to get everything we want and while not flawed I do believe the “Snyder Cut” is the best contribution to this iteration of the DC film universe.

– Caleb Harris

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