Dare to dream imaginations go wild
Everyone is welcome leave behind no child
Unfortunate having to leave a whole other life there
To open your eyes and experience a new nightmare
Fleeing from corrupt government in a mass exodus
Only to come here and experience harassment and prejudice
Faced with decisions
To put your family in safer positions
Risking capture and being placed into prisons
Just to escape your conditions
Some may try to instill evil, still there is no person that is illegal
If you’re undocumented that doesn’t mean you are not still people
Separation of children as parents deported
With no way to reunite them little information recorded
Operating unconsciously from inside of a bubble
With the notion that foreigners provide nothing but trouble
Or worse carry a disease and not be able to come and go as you please
You shouldn’t have to die on your hands because you don’t live on your knees
Fear mongered stereotypes as an excuse for a barrier
I don’t know what’s scarier the message or the carrier
Zero tolerance executive orders
Are explicit actions causing harm at our borders
Should be granted immunity, once in this land of opportunity
Access to support with helping hands from community
Building more bridges as pathways to become citizens
Rights to healthcare and equal jobs with dividends
Deserving of the same liberties and a way to become eligible
Instead of waiting to be exiled delaying the inevitable
To take away the only place you have ever known
Brought to this country of no fault of your own
No longer shall you live in fear of having status’s taken
To have a dream and awaken that it has all been forsaken

-Caleb Harris