Highly coveted inherited skin tone
As buried underneath lies a hidden gem stone
Forever lasting rare essential
Sought after for attributes bare potential
Not a defection in this object of affection
Decorative honor having possession of such rich complexion
Phenomenal anomaly textural commodity
Shine bright with luminosity intellectual property
Inside the chest holds contents the world admires
Precious medals able to withstand burning desires
Many take pleasure first sight beyond measure
Encaptured promise in a national treasure
More than what meets the eye a pirates patch has a purpose
Cut above the rest while not beginning to scratch the surface
Since the birth abundant in the native state of the earth
Invested greatly well known the weight that your worth
Relied to be backed by the standard of elegance
Protected asset maintaining cultural relevance
Blessed to be one of a kind noble pieces
Ageless wonders over time value increases

-Caleb Harris