Flick In A Limerick

4 wily old vets adventure to find
Golden bars buried they left behind
By night and by day
They are put in harms way
To honor their fallen leader who was one of a kind

Shot Caller – Spike Lee

Role Play ( Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors, Clarke Peters, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Norm Lewis, Chadwick Boseman)

Nose Candy

“I got a side piece. I got Smith on one side and Wesson on the other”

“Don’t let no one control our rage but us”

“They don’t sound like that back home

We’re not home son. We’re not home”

“Damn it just put the gold on Craigslist”

” 5 bloods don’t die we multiply”

“Until your end a war you find out it never really ends. Whether in your mind or in reality ”

Style Points

+Photo + Documentary inserts
+Club scene
+Vietnamese attack
+Radio Speeches
+Prayer scene
+Marvin Gaye
+Temple shootout

Money Shot

Father to son letter

The Big Finish

A lot to unpack in one suitcase. Spike Lee comes through on another fire joint unconventionally telling a story the way only he can. While I did enjoy his latest effort, it’s times like this I really wish Spike would pick a lane. When this film is serious it is brilliant. The struggles of living with ptsd are captured beautifully as well as iconic African Americans opposition to the Vietnam war. The satire really took me out of it. So did the action sequences which gave me Tropic Thunder vibes. The comradery of the crew of friends came off very genuine. I was invested in the characters who were interesting and the actors provided strong performances. If your on the fence about viewing I have one see for this reason alone Chadwick Boseman. No matter what length of time or in what capacity he elevates this picture to another level. We truly lost a generational talent. Once you have been in a war you are always in one. It is a haunting curse, a never ending battle within.

– Caleb Harris

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