Flick In A Limerick

Haunting secrets begin to come clear
For a filmmaker and his girlfriend after a premier
All through the night
They make up and fight
To see if their relationship can persevere

Shot Caller – Sam Levinson

Role Play (John David Washington, Zendaya Coleman)

Nose Candy

“It’s not only until your about to lose someone that you finally pay attention.”

“Don’t push away the people who ground you”

“You were able to take all the ugly shit and make it beautiful.”

“You fought so hard to make the movie you wanted so why didn’t you fight for me?”

“Look at me. I’m the last person standing. Hold on to me for dear life.”

Style Points

+ monochrome
+ real time action
+ bathtub scene
+ cracked door in bathroom mirror
+ bedroom floor scene
+ split screen transitions

Money Shot

Proper acceptance speech

The Big Finish

Please and thank you really do go a long way. Zendaya and John David Washington have incredible chemistry and really brought the best out of each other. It was intriguing watching the co stars portray roles that are so different then their prior work that they more then mastered. Even with having only two characters dominate the entire run time they held my attention with their emotional versatility and magnetic monologues. Interesting are some of the cinematography decisions such as the monochrome and camera angles. This quarantined artistic piece does an excellent job displaying the power struggle in relationships and the constant fight for equality. It is a must partners build each other up, not take anything for granted and let each other know how much they are appreciated. There is also absolutely no way that anyone can beat a black woman in an argument.

– Caleb Harris

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