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Let me have the story unfold
About the man who went from 8 to 24 in purple and gold
Black mamba venomous his veins are cold
Can never grow old the legend gets greater when told
The house that you built is an arena called staples
Now you have the best seat in the house guarding over the city of angels
Attitude and mannerisms I studied them closely
If you know me I didn’t want to be like Mike I wanted to be Kobe
Early memories shooting hoops let me take you back to my roots
On the black top with an afro and shoes that looked like moon boots
He was larger than life who I looked up to as my idol
Man down left every rival dead on arrival
Game like poetry in motion no stutter to the stutter step
Or an up and under with the left, unexpected is what to expect
Defying the laws of gravity
Jamming on defenders emphatically
Never give up strategy
That’s mamba mentality
Straight out of high school brought back show time
The reason why fans chant mvp at the free throw line
Hyper focused intensity trapped in the muse cage
Work ethic that put you on every front news page
Your impact was bigger than what was just on the court
World ride reach is what you did for the sport
The heart of a champion it’s safe to say, memories can never fade away
We all have 24 in us so make it count every day

-Caleb Harris