Flick In A Limerick

A drone pilot who gets reassigned
Gets paired with an android officer who is not all aligned
They must get on the same track
To stop a nuclear attack
Discovering is someone not valuable enough to be left behind

Shot Caller – Mikael Håfström

Role Play – (Anthony Mackie, Damson Idris, Emily Beecham)

Nose Candy

“Soooo were partners?
Fuck no you’re my support”

“What do you know about relationships aren’t you like three years old?”

“You wanna give up now or should I fuck you up some more?”

“You would kill a million
To save 100 million”

“Your wrong humans can learn to do better that is the greater good”

Style Points

+ Opening ambush

+ Maps drawn out

+ Marines vs Insurgents shootout

+ Refugee compound shootout

+ Rooftop chase

Money Shot

Bank Shootout

The Big Finish

Top secret machine military are more than likely well past the development stage. It is only a matter of time before appliances realize that we people are not capable of governing ourselves and over power humanity to achieve real social order. The universe is well thought out with the concept of American robotic soldiers called “gumps” keeping the peace between Russia and the Ukraine in near future 2036. There is a ton of on point action with sick shootout sequences and lively cinematography. Anthony Mackie who also served as a producer of this movie executes a respectable performance. He really outshined everything in this film especially in scenes with his co star Idris who just could not keep up. The rest of the acting is terrible it seemed like actual androids delivering their lines robotically without any feeling or emotion. Reducing the reel is the rhetoric as I thought the “fucks”were unwarranted. Also complicating matters is the terrible casting as the villain and the commander just are not believable. People are all programmed individually, in order for us to obtain more we must ask ourselves Is it worth sacrificing some to save an abundance.

– Caleb Harris

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