Flick In A Limerick

A fathers son is unlawfully killed
By a cop that is not highly skilled
Giving out commands
He takes matter into his own hands
To hostage a police station for a trial that went unfulfilled

Shot Caller – Nate Parker

Role Play (Nate Parker, Omari Hardwick, Theo Russo, Beau Knapp)

Nose Candy

“Those laws were written with us not in mind anyone who tells you different is white or are lucky enough to never have to put it to the test”

“Somebody is going to pay for what they did to my son and it’s not going to be peacefully, Why are we the only people in this country that are expected to do things without violence?”

“If y’all would take a second to think then more of us would be alive”

“That indescribable feeling I have been carrying for the last year and a half, now you know”

Style Points

+Police/cell phone footage
+Desktop footage
+Documentary style
+Surveillance cam

Money Shot

“So all of this what to get the cops to see, no it was to get the world to see”

The Big Finish

Controversial artist Nate Turner is back with his latest effort illustrating the horrific thoughts that may run through an African American parents mind when their child is brutally murdered by law enforcement. Even though this movie was created two years ago it’s release is very timely as “trial by combat” is visually on display. As racial tensions continue to divide the country common arguments are intelligently presented. As all black people are familiar with giving the “talk” I would describe this project an unflinching take on having to deliver the “walk”. There is a student film crew documenting the events which is as ironic as the main characters name being Lincoln Jefferson. It really seemed as though this was a high school class project thrown together with the small budget, inconsistent cinematography and simple dialogue. The story is very predictable as well as the acting really failing in pivotal scenes. Everyone sees things differently. It is very easy to murder the movie making but you can’t murder the meaningful message.

– Caleb Harris

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