internet screen security protection
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Tech giants have always been in bed with spies
Caught up in the entanglements from the web of lies
Unable to recognize the lethal mob you weaponize
By continuing to allow the conspiracy theories they mesmerize
Punishment results only after public ridicule
In times this pivotal the consequences can’t be this minimal
As corporations generate a fortune from our data
In gratitude they donate a portion over to maga
Sharing in the culpability when chaos breaks loose
By providing a platform to create troops of paranoid hate groups
Blatant displays of being degenerate live on the internet
As long as business benefits it does not matter if their has been a threat
Prioritizing corporate greed over public need
Complacent as our nation continues to bleed
We are in a sad state
When misinformation can spread at such a fast rate
It doesn’t matter if the facts straight
Sites lose sight at a tax break
The system was never broken operating the way it was intended
We must have some of these ridiculous policies amended
It should be commended when accounts are suspended
Instead of being offended that rights to free speech are not being defended
So where do we draw the line of what you could post on your page?
In this digital age never know who it could enrage
Every hurtful picture pose should pose a question
Be more assertive to hand signals that give off a racist impression
Without repercussions they never learn a lesson
Even with a confession, disciplinary action only handed out at their discretion
Of course privileged look at monitoring as an invasion of privacy
Because their the ones the feds should be watching instead of keeping a closer eye on me
Those that deliberately misuse their handle
Are the ones who deactivate when their in the news with a scandal
Scrolling down timelines will provide more reinforcement
Of connections to negativity even a “like” is an endorsement
If disparaging remarks come up to management observation
They have the ability to terminate you from your job occupation
Friends turn foe all from a social network
Dividing the country adding to their net worth
Ignoring all of the warning signs that’s been retweeted
Arguments reheated and offenses repeated
Once posted online it could never be deleted
The internet has always and will remain undefeated

-Caleb Harris