Dangerous is the collective
In protest of an elective
Highly objective
Of legal processes it’s deceptive
Storming the steps and kicked through the door
Making their way all down to the senate floor
This was bound to happen it was written on the walls
Before they broke in and wreaked havoc through the halls
This is not right it’s unpractical
Or left that is radical
Completely irrational
The malice being displayed on the capitol
Breaching security a criminal insurrection
Threatening the lawmakers certifying the election
Unfortunately leadership is where the error lies
Calling for trial by combat they look to terrorize
Our country is plagued shamed in history
All because a fascist did not claim victory
Empowering supporters being active on Twitter
Causing chaos just because he is bitter
Providing violent extremist with motivation
To overthrow government and attack their own nation
Messaging hate groups to stand back and stand by
Disrupting democracy giving our country a black eye
In order to obtain transition of power
We shall overcome the hatred they shower
Or bow down to bigotry and lose all our dignity
This day will now and forever live in infamy

-Caleb Harris