Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

A threat to democracy are these deep fakes
Posing synthetic media cheap takes
Got us down to a science with each trait
Society is paying the price at a steep rate
With technological advances it’s hard to keep pace
Catching up to us we are now in a dead heat race
Rocking the surface with a sudden immersion
Evil intentions are the alter ego digital version
Identical picture perfect spitting images
Want to substitute in the real game as all they only play scrimmages
Borrowing an appearance conjuring up anything that is imagined
Fraudulent portrayals exhibiting what never actually happened
We are not alone, there is cohabitation with a clone
Fully functional they developed a mind of their own
Doppelgängers attached as a pet to a teacher
Robotically memorizing every facial feature
If you still need proof , that you are dealing with a complete spoof
Putting words in a mouth as make believe truth
Recognizing face control, understudy’s looking to take the role
Capturing the essence on a purpose to erase your soul
Artificial intelligence producing genuine imitation
From pornographic insemination, to political discrimination
Gaining more access mannerism manipulation
Breaking into systems with believable authentication
Technologies vindication don’t accept the invitation
It’s only a matter of time before they takeover process of elimination

-Caleb Harris