Flick In A Limerick

In the 1980s Diana Prince lives a life that is shy
A new co-worker seems to catch her eye
An ancient dreamstone
Has the power to grant wishes to each is own
Wonder Woman attempts to stop humanity from spreading a lie

Shot Caller – Patty Jenkins

Role Play (Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig)

Nose Candy

“Sometimes you can’t see what your learning until you come out on the other side”

“I can save the day, you can save the world”

“The lasso does more than make you tell the truth. It makes you see it too”

“I don’t want to be like anyone. I want to be number one. I want to be an apex predator. Like no one there has ever been before.”

“Nothing good is born from lies”

“Everything has a price I’m just not willing to pay it not anymore”

Style Points

+80s era
+ Mall scene
+ Invisible plane sequence
+ Desert Chase scene
+ White House battle
+ Last kiss in chaos

Money Shot

Wonder Woman vs Cheetah fight sequence

The Big Finish

Wonder Woman 1984 is a strong effort that stays true to what it intended to be. The cinematography is visually stunning and all the action sequences slap. Gal Gadot is spectacular again proving her worth and ability to the franchise. There are also several scenes that require her to actually “act” that purist will appreciate. Kristen Wiig nails it in a movie stealing performance. I don’t think that this is a bad film it is just the first Wonder Woman achieves such heroic heights that are damn near impossible to reach. Compounded by the marketing campaign of being able to stream on HBO with a subscription as well as this being the last big movie of the year. While the characters are interesting, they were too underdeveloped for me to get emotionally involved. There were scenes that lingered on too long and several key plot points that don’t make any sense. Though not matching its predecessor, the second installment of Wonder Woman is still a worth while watch that will hold viewers attention throughout.

– Caleb Harris

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