Flick In A Limerick

One of the best trumpet players in the land
Is having trouble being second in command
Playing back up for Ma Rainey
He starts acting insanely
Dreaming of one day starting his own band

Shot Caller – George C Wolf

Role Play (Chadwick Boseman, Viola Davis, Taylor Page, Glynn Turman, Coleman Domingo)

Nose Candy

“I wonder what’s going on in your mind you got more shit piled up in there then the devil got sinners”

“More niggas got killed trynna have a good time then God got ways to count”

“They don’t care how I want to be treated they just want my voice. I’m going to make sure I get what I want no matter how much it hurts”

“I maybe a fool but I never been the same fool twice”

“The problem with y’all niggas you satisfied with the bone they done through you when I’m trying to get the whole hog!”

Style Points

+ Roaring 20’s
+Cuts during recording
+Leave Levee alone about the white man monologue
+ After being fired meltdown
+Post credits history

Money Shot

God turn your back on me!

The Big Finish

There are very few films that I tell people to rush out and witness. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is definitely one of them. Initially watching I couldn’t help but to be over cautiously viewing Chadwicks every movement to see if I could notice any signs of illness. Those thoughts immediately evaporated with each one of his moving monologues and charismatic performances. Viola Davis was incredible as well not to be overshadowed. I came out of this definitely wanting to see more of Ma Rainey. I think the message was definitely felt as initially her character was portrayed to seem like the angry black woman diva. The story came full circle cleverly. Rainey had to be that aggressive just so she can receive the benefits that she was contractually obligated too but knew there would be attempts to be taken from her. Knowing that labels only wanted her for her voice without obtaining the respect she poperly deserved. The relationship between Rainey and Levee was very intriguing as Ma was only aiming to school the cocky young upstart on the prejudices that await him in the event he ever became successful. The symbolism of Levee breaking the door down after being fired only to realize there was nothing on the other side was metaphorically masterful. I also liked the display on the action of impulses by Levee. Such as when he was on stage, seeing a pretty girl or being made fun of. As the film moved along after every sequence the character seemed to lose more and more touch with reality really building up for an emotional climax. The brilliance of Boseman eclipses this piece as this is the best I have ever seen him performing every scene as though it was his last. We truly lost a special talent.

– Caleb Harris

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