ash blaze bonfire burn
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When my heart speaks, every remarks deep
Stock heat like underneath a car seat
Shedding light on a dark street
Trigger effect everyone within arms reach
Not to spark beef but to spark a belief
I spit flame when I kick game that could never dwindle
As a kite that just left the spindle my spirit will forever kindle
Used as a melting pot
Filled with compelling plot
Overwhelming thought
Is the rebelling art story tellings got
The heat of the moment providing an attractive flair
Rising temperatures could be felt it in the air
Those same flames that used to excite me as a child
Still ignite a passion lustfully dancing wild
Infectious vibes rejuvenate providing stimulation
Built to last eternally passed down a generation
A source of energy spread unto others
Leading the way for our sisters and brothers
Aiming to please and still won’t forget to amuse
Hopefully creatively I lit a fuse
Not knowing who it could inspire or brain it chooses to rewire
Driven by a higher purpose adds levels of fuel to my desire
Back with a vengeance the flame always returns
Once you play with fire one grows unafraid of the burns
Going down in history in a blaze of glory
Futures contribute unwritten pages to the story
And as a phoenix that rises from the ashes
The legend is reborn a ray of hope flashes

-Caleb Harris