Growing up it always put me in an awkward position

The entire family reminiscing
, in the kitchen just because it was tradition

It just doesn’t seem real
, for we make a big deal

After not speaking to each other 364 days that its solved in one meal

I feel like its a tragedy
, that we act as a family

To make up for all the time we never talk and felt as though they abandoned me
Like we need a holiday to express love

Means nothing these kisses and hugs

What are we so afraid of ?

We might as well be strangers related by blood

I don’t know if i’m the only with a mind of this caliber

But I could careless they are just days being crossed off of my calendar

I don’t need a turkey to give thanks, open up banks
Stop holding these occasions in such high ranks

You see my birthdays were never really that great

Because in the worst way I really needed that cake

Its the same old trend every new years

But i don’t need it to be midnight to drink more then a few beers

If on Valentines I think cupid is stupid
 that makes me a jerk

Does any one find it berserk, we celebrate labor day but don’t have school or go to work

Its always Saint Patricks for me because I stay focused on green

When I was young I was too broke to waste toilet paper on halloween

Instead of honoring presidents for what they never did for me

We should do more commemorating veterans for their contributions in history

Honestly i’m happy to be alive but as for the mockery

Of these dates we call holidays
 are too much of a commodity

Now before you call me a renegade, because you wouldn’t catch me at a parade

Why do we celebrate these dates as if there was some kind of difference made?

Don’t get out of your seats
, I wouldn’t criticize a belief

But the only days I look forward to is the first and fifteenth

These dates that are delegated
, It’s completely overrated

Just another excuse to shoot each other and get inebriated

While everyone is so quick 
to open up gifts

Being alive is a gift that is why it is called the present

And i really have to stress this
, time is of the essence

So every-time we get to the holiday season

Don’t get caught up with the hype remember we are here for a reason

When we get to the late year
, theres one thing I have to make clear

I believe in the passion but what the hell does christ have to do with bunny rabbits and reindeer

So you can celebrate cheer your holiday i didn’t mean to spoil it

But every day is the same old shit to me just a different toilet

-Caleb Harris