Gone is the notion one person doesn’t matter
In history writing our own chapter to be the deciding factor
Instead of broken promises from the mouth
We are going to make politicians go out and visit the hoods they do nothing about
Talking a good game that’s pitch perfect lip service for the endorsement
By the time they get sworn in our issues are no longer important
No longer will we have it
Our bullets are ballots
You take our people for granted
Broken promises and empty handed
Then after election you leave us stranded
Now that respect we earned we demand it
Unbothered by a disguise from the October surprise
Word to the wise come November we rise
Even after the revise of the 3/5 compromise
We will always be seen less than human in some eyes
Walking off the plantation helped remove acts to own slaves
So faith without action is only digging our own graves
The ultimate grand gesture to every ancestor
Looking down who fought endlessly for us to have better
By continuing to teach the truth we have the ability to reach our youth
Freedom of speech practice what you preach in the booth
Each election is an opportunity to move forward in a positive direction
Combat voter suppression in order to make your selection
The Secret society rejoices when we surrender our choices
A threat to justice everywhere attempting to silence public voices
The hypocrisy is our democracy the government is a monopoly
Who can have faith in equality when they steal our hope unlawfully
Fear monger conspiracies to provide an illusion
Political ploys to decoy us into a state of confusion
Nobody would take something from you that wasn’t valuable
Your thoughts are rich and powerful to hold our leadership accountable
America is portrayed beautifully but has always been ugly truthfully
There is strength in unity to impact a community
So let us unite
Rolling with punches from the left and the right
Together we fight
With left hooks and jabs that’s exercising our right!