For the greater good you put up a guard and fight
Representing every star and stripe
That is why it gets hard at night
Active duty military get scarred for life
Gone from your families taking that long awful flight
Wearing a badge of honor accomplishing what you feel in your heart is right
I know it was your decision to sign your name on the contract
Would rather see you safe from contact
Instead of engaged in combat
In America freedom is hardly free
It cost lives to be all you can be
We never met before but that never stopped you from risking it all for me
In these times of modern warfare
Society wonders is war fair
Is it out of poor care?
A nation on needles it can’t take one more scare
To the brave souls we keep you in prayer
Wish we could share the same air,
But the frontline needs you there
Defending our country with armed forces
Sacrificing to provide the necessary resources
To all the bodies who served in uniform
Dead or alive forever indebted to the action you perform
Protecting the yard while standing ground
With danger around,
For the right to have liberty to sound

Turning a blind eye when not wanting to face the truth
Second nature for an attacker to just aim and shoot
Behind enemy lines certainly not the place for troops
A major salute, Fearful of your safety every time you lace your boots
The faster you come home wouldn’t be soon enough
With no lines communication it feels like we are loosing touch
The cemetery sings our fallen soldiers songs unsung
On the soil courageous men and women names have been written in blood

-Caleb Harris