Flick In A Limerick

A refugee couple from bad circumstances make a switch
And end up in a house that inhabits a witch
Without any evidence
They can’t leave the residence
With a curse they are trying to ditch

Shot Caller – Remi Weekes

Role Play (Wunmi Mosaku, Sope Dirisu)

Nose Candy

“An empath has risen from the ocean and has followed us here”

“We are one of the good ones remember we are not going back”

“This is our house we are not going anywhere”

“I have to say goodbye now I am going home”

“The ghosts never leave they live with you it’s when I start to let them in then I could face myself. This is our home we are happy here”

Style Points

+ Point of view shots first night in apartment

+ Circle cam talking to kids on playground

+ Camera work on first time seeing ghost

+ Zoom out during dinner nightmare

+ Meeting with wich by the fire

+ Quicksand zombie sacrifice

Money Shot

The escape from South Sudan

The Big Finish

I got chills watching this. From the concept to the performances and visual direction everything is exactly on point. This movie really got me concerned with how terrible it still is in some parts of Africa and how little it is advertised as we continue living our lives everyday unaffected. The scene where white children were playing peacefully while the black children were trapped was all too real. Out of sight out of mind and it really should not be that way. It really makes me want to take action. I found it intriguing how the couple were made fun of by other blacks in London such as they are not seen as one of them. No matter what horrors existed in their new environment these two felt as though there was no other option and were definitely not going back to their previous situation. Especially after everything they endured in order to leave. You can’t escape the past and this eerie effect demonstrates what does not kill you will still always haunt you.

– Caleb Harris