Communication fresh off press
Is a hot mess
Like big foot or the lock ness
Every-time the story is told the legend gets greater in the process
Brainwashing audiences in massive hypnosis
Reporting one side of the argument distracting the focus
Mass media has the power to shape views
Collecting interest like late dues
Promoting forms of fake news
Controversial fascists
Implementing personal habits
Psychological reversal antics
Unmerciful tactics
Advancing that alternate facts shit
Potentially causing irreversible damage
Details they overlook
Cast judgement and throw the book
Using headlines as clickbait as seas of people go for the hook
Deceitful intuition if it creates a source lead
Relentless amounts of negative material to force feed
Just a devotion
Of raw bias emotion
Poisoning the minds of those who decide sip the potion
Furthering the divide with each fabrication
When there is not enough of a story the result is exaggeration
Lies are more entertaining than the truth so leave it to the imagination
With every turn of the station
Spreading inaccurate information
Resulting in public contamination
Reading between the lines of an alluring main caption
Is a selfishly pushed agenda to rapidly gain traction
Channels unable to channel aggression staying up late night to dispute
Disruptive panels who would rather turn a blind eye to the truth
Falsely advertise
An account the people will romanticize
Plant the lies
With conspiracy theories and messages outlets can bastardize
Reporters are misinformers developing a strategy
Bending and controlling the narrative until it supports reality
It has been highly debated
Of the propaganda being demonstrated
As long as the program is highly rated
Broadcasts are jaded
Objectively manipulated
Framing arguments to which the simple have been persuaded
Over opinionated
Democracy as we know it has been invaded