She is not a trend or a hashtag
She was a black woman
Heart breaking, every time I think about it I start shaking
Immoral realistically the simple charges that they are not facing 
Our system has failed us once again, can play the game but can never win
Another example of how our race is seen as a sin
You deserved so much better and more, as soon as they kicked in the door
It’s a rerun we have seen how this show has played out before 
Instead of investigating there is only paid leave
Without remorse of the family you made grieve
Keep getting stabbed but this cut is so deep 
Your existence was not as cheap, to get murdered in your sleep
The decision was made without any evidence 
To make you a target the true meaning of negligence
In your own home you can’ t even be safe at your place of residence
It is not right only taking the side of crooked presidents 
Now on the streets frustration is profusely spilled
Being brutally killed, an exceptional life that went unfulfilled 
Victims of laws, that are contained with nothing but flaws
Numb to the fact the amount of despise the color of skin draws
As head of household the first thought is to to defend against intruders 
They want us to remain calm against highly trained shooters
You still pose a threat even if you are unarmed 
Can’t even be alarmed, how it is always the innocent that are harmed
Don’t be mislead of the lies that have been fed
What can be said, about how risky it is to go to bed
It’s not hard to tell, why we are mad as hell
To post bail with no jail, the district attorney is under a spell 
With each bullet wound, how are you to assume?
Devastating effects of a beautiful soul taken too soon
It is not fair that you had so much more to give
Broken dreams now represent of a life you never got to live
Doing Gods work how you dedicated your existence to helping others 
A miracle worker truly with your being you did wonders
I can never say sorry enough even if now what does it mean?
Breonna Taylor will forever be a queen, your roses will always be seen

-Caleb Harris