Acquiring so much hatred
For values that are held sacred
Shows we are still in the basement
All the efforts have been wasted
Falling out of good graces
But still want our faces
Just as product placements…
Of course it makes money but does it make sense?
From contracted to free agents
Every summer players are sold bought and traded
Its modern day enslavement
For some big wigs entertainment
Where if you take a knee
That is more offensive then a face to the knee
Or even when we hang from a tree
This is not what we pay to see or what they pay you to be
It is careless to think there are other ways of raising awareness
If we were all created equal then we would be praising fairness
During the anthem if you raise your balled black fist
Teams will black ball you and put you on the black list
In each passing season
Without a legitimate reason
Standing for something you don’t believe in
Is the real treason
Quick to burn a jersey or a ticket
But that of a burning church does not earn a picket
Using ones stage is for the conversation to start
Not as a mechanism to pull the nation further apart
Shameful to belittle stating shut up and dribble
Only focus on making tackles to keep us in shackles
The cream of the crop is picked from the plantation
Placed on a pedestal to be condemned to damnation
Racism is what this country was founded on
However using your platform for power is frowned upon
Presidential decision only added to the division
Will see and comment but unwilling to listen
Athletes fine and suspend them
Then condemn them more than white supremacist who enlist him
Sadly that’s his vision and you get in where you fit in
Hateful acts can never be forgiven
Twice shy once bitten
Want required patriotism and need our contribution
With no African-American inclusion, even in the fine print of the constitution
Silence the oppressed as a means to not work towards a solution
You can stop a revolutionary but you can’t stop a revolution
Stand for something even if you don’t believe it
This is America either like it or leave it

-Caleb Harris