A breath is the simplest thing we take for granted
Justice denied our people and put us at a disadvantage
Following like a curse it’s the shade you can’t shake
Constantly reminded of how much your skin attracts hate
Even with no plan in the decision, fear is automatically arisen
A great love for being black but sometimes this passion is a prison
There is no comparison,
When your pigmentation contains this much melanin
Even if you are “American” ,
You can’t imagine the hell we in
Crying out for help the result of desperation
Life flashing before your eyes in need of respiration
Even if the corrupt system does not play the game fair
As hard as it seems it’s like we have to get permission to breathe the same air
How can you be threatened when we can’t even use a lung?
Devastating communities of color on trees still being hung
Stereotyping a race as a weapon
With a perception that any altercation will result in aggression
Contacting law enforcement out of frustration and anger
Secretly hoping to put our entire culture in danger
No bodily harm however you are frightened
When we are around purses get tightened, paranoia is heightened
Being uncomfortable is still not an excuse
Falsely reporting to where use becomes abuse
Because you don’t want to share the same space with minorities
It’s not a scare tactic to call the authorities
911 is only supposed to be used as an emergency
Not because people intensify your sense of urgency
Unable to escape a tumultuous past
Wasting your breath results in our last

-Caleb Harris