We are on the verge of an actual purge
Level the playing field the minor leagues will emerge
The tables have turned  nothing given this is earned
It’s the day of reckoning to get everything that was ever yearned
There would be equality if we could rewind history
To be in the winners circle it’s a come from behind victory
During the apocalypse, There is a revolt of the polar opposites
Independents banning together to tear down the conglomerates
For those who served in heaven its time to join those in hell
Drinking the water of privilege when they poisoned the the well
Grass roots is disguised to be Astroturf on the surface
On the outside looking in the elite is getting nervous
Revenge is not enough it is about making a statement
Picking through the locks to escape from the basement
More that time passes, education spread through the masses
Until the underground gets retribution on the upper classes
Temperatures rising causing blood to boil
Soon to reveal the pain that has been hidden under the soil
Counterparts inching closer to rid of the division
Risking it all to achieve the life they envision
Eating sloppy seconds all sizzle no substance
Appreciate it while it lasts long overdue for a comeuppance
Bringing it to the opposition raw and direct
After ages of disrespect what did you expect?
Now set in motion the plot has been in the making
Removal by force your spot is for the taking
Able to pushback and become the aggressors
In order to survive must dethrone oppressors
Poverty stricken and barely getting by
Securing the downfall for those that are sitting high
The less fortunate have painted the backdrops
Bridging the gap between the haves and the haves nots

-Caleb Harris